“Alyssa was my childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum doula. Alyssa was very attentive to the other members of my care team and throughout my whole labor. She helped me ask questions to the care provider, nurses, and staff during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period - questions I would not think of to do on my own . If it weren’t for Alyssa, I would not have remained calm throughout my labor. She helped me with my birth plan and assisted me in achieving my wishes. Alyssa truly goes above and beyond, especially with helping out outside of the birth. The techniques suggested by her were significantly helpful to me in handling both the physical and emotional aspects of labor.”

- A Well-supported single mother


"When I first met Alyssa, I thought she would just be around for my delivery. I was very impressed with how thoughtful, supportive, compassionate, and readily available she was for me. She basically was around for anything I needed. She was there for me from beginning to the end, and then some. 

Alyssa was willing to come out and see me when it wasn't so easy for me. She gave me great information on childbirth. Alyssa even taught me about things I didn't learn in the childbirth class I enrolled in at the hospital. I loved how she took the time with me and never made me feel rushed to answer all my questions whether by phone, text, or even email. She even went to tour the hospital with me, and gave me her insight on what to look for, and other possible options out there.

When the big day came, I was so grateful to have Alyssa next to me throughout my labor and delivery. Her calming presence and techniques kept me away from the epidural I wished to stay away from. She was my rock of support. She made sure to be that special friend that knew just how to make everything right for me. She applied acupressure, calmed me down during contractions, and reminded me to drink water when I didn't want anything going down my throat. She suggested I try different positions for laboring when all I wanted was to stand. I couldn't have done it without out her!

She took pictures of when the baby was born. A few days after I had the baby, she came out with food, diapers, and clothes and made sure I was ok and answered all my first time mommy questions.  A week or so after I had the baby, she went out of her way to help me with a few things I needed that I couldn't easily do myself, which was so thoughtful.

I could never thank Alyssa enough for everything she did for me. She is truly an angel and helped me so much." 

- diana robles, First time mother


“Alyssa was very attentive to my patient and anticipated her needs. She worked very well with me also and she has good communication skills.”

- Carol W., Labor and Delivery RN at Presbyterian St. Luke’s (Denver)



“Alyssa was professional and appropriate. She was able to spend time with my client when I could not.”

- Midwife at Presbyterian St. Luke’s (Denver)


“When our daughter was born, we searched for a caregiver that would allow us to get out once in awhile for dates and connections. Unfortunately, we found it surprisingly difficult to find someone that was reliable, experienced (especially with severe allergies), available when needed, and especially someone our daughter would connect with and be comfortable with. It took a few years of trial and error (and spans where we felt too discouraged to try). But then we found Alyssa and it was obvious from the first moment we met her that this was going to work. Her warmth and interest in our daughter and the quick and easy connection they made eased our minds and hearts immensely. Her availability and dependability has made our lives much easier and has allowed us the opportunities to get out for hikes in the afternoons, or movies in the evenings knowing that our daughter is well-cared for and happy.”

- Amy C., Boulder Mom


"Alyssa Megeath is an amazing and unique person. She adds creativity, excitement, enthusiasm, and joy to everything she does. She will give you one hundred percent. She will bring an incredibly thoughtful presence to your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. I had the pleasure of her attentive care and dedication with our patients when she worked at our acupuncture clinic (Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc.). She will take the time to get to know you and make sure you have the birth experience you want.

She is also well-versed on evidenced based medicine. She will listen to you, find out your needs, and bring the information you need to feel comfortable in your birth process. Hire her, you will be very happy you did!" 

- eRIN PASS, L.Ac., Dipl. C.H.


"We used Alyssa as a sibling doula when we had our second child. As my husband and I are both transplants, we needed help to know that our first born was in good hands during L&D. Alyssa responded to us immediately and was at our home in an hour. She took great care of our son, and I didn't have to worry about him and could focus on baby #2. She even brought us a care package when we were all home!

She seems very passionate about what she does and was definitely a big help for our family!"

- Mary p. (MOTHER OF TWO)


“Alyssa is a wonderful person to be around and an amazing postpartum doula. She made the transition into having a newborn so much easier with my second baby, that I wish I had her with me after the first! I had some complications after delivery and couldn’t drive, and she was always there to take me to my appointments and comfort the little one while I spoke with the doctor. She makes delicious food, and would surprise me with yummy treats that made me feel special and gave me something to look forward to. Alyssa is also a fabulous resource if you find yourself in need of extra care and support. Thank you so much for everything you do!”

- clea M. (postpartum client)


“Alyssa’s Prenatal Insurance Assistance has been invaluable to me! She has made herself available to answer any and all insurance questions I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot!) and has gone above and beyond to reach out to my insurance directly when I’ve felt too overwhelmed with information. She helped me figure out exactly who and what is in network with my plan, and exactly how to deal with any billing discrepancies that have arisen. She takes care to explain everything in great detail so that I fully understand what is going on, and I always feel a weight lifted when we finish talking. Dealing with insurance can be stressful, but Alyssa makes it so easy so you can fully focus on growing your babies!”

- Ashley C. (first time mother of twins)


“As a second time mama, I knew the value of having a great doula to support my journey. I am so glad that we found Alyssa. She was thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and attentive. She carefully listened to my needs, then exceeded my expectations, over and over again! She really helped me move through my birth journey with strength and empowerment. We are so grateful for her support and services, and we very highly recommend her!”

- carolyn s.


“My wife and I were very nervous about the delivery process because two of our friends lost their babies during delivery and another friend lost his wife the day after delivery. This is the reason why we sought the support of a doula. We interviewed several doulas, and Alyssa was by far the best. She is very knowledgeable about all the aspects of pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum, ranging from scientific knowledge and alternative medicine to emotional support and nutrition. Furthermore, when you see Alyssa doing her job, it is easy to see that she does it because it is her passion. After having our baby, my wife and I have discussed several times that we don’t know how we would have gone through the process without Alyssa. She devoted a lot of time to support us during the pregnancy, and she was crucial during delivery for us to have a better experience in many aspects, including taking care of us, supporting us emotionally, helping my wife deal with pain, making our room feel more like home, among many others. Alyssa is incredibly devoted to her vocation (because it doesn’t seem like just a job for her), and my wife and I don’t know how she is able to handle so much to be able to provide the amazing support we received.

Even if you feel like you can go through the whole process without the support of a doula, having one would for sure enhance the experience, so if you have the means to do so, we highly recommend it. If you decide to have a doula, there aren’t enough words for how much we recommend Alyssa! We are incredibly thankful for the service she provided, which we consider to have much more value than what she receives as a financial remuneration, highlighting even more that she does it because she is passionate about supporting women during their pregnancies, deliveries, and the postpartum period.”

- nicolas rodriguez jeangros, a first time father


“We interviewed several Doulas for us, and Alyssa was by far the most experienced, qualified, and helpful. We needed someone who could be positive and caring, but also take charge when we weren't sure what to do as first time parents. She stayed all 12 hours of labor with us until our boy arrived! What's more, she went to appointments with us before, visited us postpartum with a meal, and gifted us a 2 week photography session! AMAZING!”

- URI HOFFMAN, a first time father