Alyssa puts equal emphasis in caring for both Mother and child. Many people are familiar with the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child"; it also takes a village to care for Mother and family. As a full spectrum doula (focusing on both birth and the postnatal period), Alyssa makes sure there are valuable resources available during the gestation period, throughout labor, and during the transition into home with a newborn. Although the immediate postpartum period is defined by the first six weeks following childbirth, which includes physiological maternal changes, Alyssa is available to each and every one of her clients during the milestones of parenting. New parents must be gentle and patient with themselves - just like how we wish to be with our children. Alyssa supports families of all ethnic backgrounds, single parents, Mothers with a history of fertility issues, grief, loss, and sexual trauma. Since each pregnancy, birthing woman, baby, and family is different, Alyssa is able to modify her services based on your needs.

Your birth, your way. Alyssa is passionate about making sure you and your family have the ideal birthing experience and her philosophy is based on you. She supports Mothers and their partners in any birthplace - hospital, birth center, and home ranging from all-natural to all-medical births; holding an open space for every family during the sacred, transformative birthing experience. Alyssa will spend the time to make sure you understand terminology used in the hospital and midwife community and will help make sure your birth preferences are acknowledged and respected. She sees the equal importance of setting up support during the childbirth experience as well as the postnatal period. Furthermore, Alyssa strives to help each family with postpartum recovery in addition to prenatal and birth wellness. Only by asking women how they feel can their needs be known.

In this day in age, your family support systems may live out of state, your spouse may have to work on the road, or your spouse may have an unpredictable work schedule. Perhaps both you and your spouse are seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable professional to walk alongside you during the birth of both a baby and two parents and/or a helping hand with your beautiful newborn. On the other hand, maybe you are seeking reliable and personable care for your first child while you labor since your family support systems live a great distance. Given that labor is unpredictable, this may encourage you to reach out for professional support. Hiring outside services ensures that there is support for you and your partner how and when you need it - whether that may be a birth, postpartum, or sibling doula! At the moment both parties decide to work with each other, Alyssa begins to learn about how she can best fulfill your needs.

As a person who is passionate about the importance of education, Alyssa prides herself on staying up-to-date on the latest prenatal, labor, and postpartum research. She will provide each one of her clients with the scientific-based research they need to make informed decisions. Knowledge and support provides confidence to families, which in turn is empowering. In addition to educational support, Alyssa provides each family with emotional support during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and throughout the journey of parenthood. She is able to provide physical instruction on a variety of positions and techniques to the laboring person, to aid progress in labor, and improve comfort. For those who may be expecting their first child or do not come from large families, birth knowledge may be little to none. Alyssa is able to support both the laboring person AND the birthing partner. Your partner knows you and Alyssa knows birth!

Proud Partner of  Balanced Beginnings Doulas
Photo: Taken by Alyssa Megeath

Photo: Taken by Alyssa Megeath

“Women need both mothering and to embrace their own role as a mother. They need someone to prepare nourishing food, look after the other kids, run a soothing bath, look after baby while they nap, and provide comfort, guidance, and reassurance about baby care.”
- Aviva Jill Romm (Midwife and Herbalist)