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Looking to chat with Alyssa to see if she may be a compatible match for both you and your birthing partner before, during, and after the childbirth experience? Perhaps, you are seeking to learn more about how a doula can best fulfill your needs (whether this may be during labor and/or transitioning into life at home with a new addition to your family)? Alyssa strongly believes that every birthing person should chat with a handful of doulas in order to: find the match that jives best with your personality, provides you with valuable knowledge and resources so that you can make informed decisions, as well as provides an open space so that you feel heard and empowered. 

Join Alyssa for a complimentary thirty minute consultation at one of your favorite local spots for a snack or tea to learn more about services offered. Whether you are seeking a support person during labor, postpartum, or assistance with childcare, she is excited to learn about you and your family! 


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